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Developed the smart-contracts for BSC on Binance Hackathon CIS
Received a development
grant from QTUM and successfully executed all milestones
Chainlink used as
a price oracle
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Product is working on QTUM | Ethereum | Binance

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Token utilities and tokenomics

30+ token utilities till August 2021

Community funded project

Community funded project

Without tokensales and offerings, we let our early adopters support us by putting the initial liquidity on our Uniswap pool to make the token liquid and to let the project to be funded

Stay updated for the new liquidity reward program in our community

Liquidity rewarding program

Put the liquidity to the pool on Uniswap to get free VNTW tokens.
🔥 Get up to 10% of tokens of the project

Read more about liquidity rewarding program on our Medium

Community based marketing
Coming soon

Community based marketing

Got traffic or community? Convert with real-time blockchain based settlement system